Tuesday, April 1, 2008


About all of the -taku usage, it's an improper use of the Japanese word otaku that refers to people obsessed over anything, and not just anime. I just like the improper usage and am not good at picking names. My first child would probably be called Ganon or Samus. Now on to the original post.

Due to the upcoming release for Guitar Hero Aerosmith, and me being musically challenged in music not in a video game or tv show I decided to finally research the music from the band. Why isn't this under gametaku? Intaku covers many things of interest across the internet. This post is mainly going to showcase some of Aerosmith's music, including my favorite so far, "Dream On". First heard in Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate by this blogger.

Normally I don't even know who my favorite artists look like, but after seeing pictures of Porno Graffitti and discovering that Yoko Kanno is not only an amazing composer but is also a woman I decided that like with my beloved video game developers I have to find out who's behind the music I listen to. Guitar Hero also helped me along this path as both 1 and 3 bombarded me with great rock music.

Dream On (live)

This is a great song, the vocals are stronger in the DOA 2 than in the above version, but it's still good.

Love in an Elevator

This is the music video. I normally don't like music videos, but this one I hate. The guitar is good and some of the vocals are fine, but overall I don't like the song nor the music video.

Top 10 Aerosmith songs according to noobhuntercss of Youtube

Some of this are hit or miss, but I never knew that "Groove t Like a Lady" (or whatever its' name is) was performed by Aerosmith.